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math 87

“John Saxon's Way,”

Math 87, 2nd or 3rd Ed, DVD Series

The Math 87 DVD Math Teaching Series is no longer available in the DVD format. As we mentioned in the October 2020 News Article - while we still offer the online streaming lessons at - we are replacing the DVD with the latest 16GB 3.0 Thumb Drive - which is more versatile than the older DVDs were.

The 16GB 3.0 Thumb Drive was made especially for users with unstable internet and for anyone who prefers to have access to the lessons without being tethered to the internet. For more information please read the October news article referenced above.


NOTE: Until their stock is depleted, should you still want to acquire the DVD format, please try one of these vendors who may still have copies of the DVDs in stock: -      -  - or -


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