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Return - Replacement Policy

The product packaging will prevent damage to the DVD's inside. However, if your package arrives visibly damaged, do not open it. Immediately call or email us at (1-580-234-0064).

Occasionally, returns or exchanges are necessary to correct technical errors in an electronic product like a video DVD. However, before you email or call us for assistance, please try these few procedures when you encounter an inoperable DVD.

Turn the DVD over and see if it is blank (e.g. it has no recorded area).

Try the disk in another DVD player to determine if your machine is encountering technical difficulties. To ensure quality viewing, DVD players require that the lens inside, that reads the DVD data, be cleaned periodically.

You can purchase a DVD lens cleaner kit at any store that rents or sells DVD players, disks, etc. The cleaner kits cost about $9.00 or $10.00.

If the DVD disk still does not function properly, please call us at 1-580-234-0064 (CST) and leave your name and number (we will call you back) or email us at . Make sure you include your mailing address as well as your telephone number.

Improper handling of video DVD's damages them and renders them inoperable. Even the slightest scratch may prevent them from functioning correctly. Should you accidentally damage any of the DVD's in the package, you can acquire a replacement disk for $10.00 plus postage.

After viewing the introduction disk (Disk 1), if you determine that you do not have the product you wanted - and no other disk has been opened - you may return the entire package for a full refund less postage.

Before you return either an individual DVD disk or the entire package to us, make sure you first email or call to receive shipping instructions. Missing or damaged DVD disks will be charged at a rate of $10.00 per missing or damaged disk.

If you have a very old DVD player, it may not be compatible with the new DVD-R format of these DVD's. In that case, and if no DVD seals have been broken, you can return the package for a full refund, less postage.

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