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John Saxon's Legacy

You Chose the Right Books

Use of Calculators

Geometry Credit

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You Chose the Right Books
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Congratulations on your choice of John Saxon's math books for your children. You have chosen the very best math textbooks on the market today.

Although Saxon Publishers was acquired by Harcourt Achieve in 2004, the quality of the math content of John Saxon's math books has not changed.

Over the past several years I have received numerous calls from homeschool parents concerned that, because Saxon Publishers no longer existed, the quality of their books' content would diminish. Nothing could be further from the truth!

While ownership has changed, the quality and integrity of the books' content still remain the same as when John Saxon was alive and guiding Saxon Publishers.

John Saxon's math series from kindergarten through high school is still the strongest and most comprehensive series of math books I have ever encountered. The books not only give students confidence in their ability to understand the necessary concepts of mathematics, but they teach students mastery of these concepts and not just how to memorize them to get a good test grade.

Perhaps even more important is the fact that, throughout my more than twelve years' experience in the classroom teaching with Saxon math books, I observed how this math series has helped students who struggled with math, average math students, and National Merit Scholars as well.

I have kept in contact with many of my former students, hearing how well prepared they were for college math and science classes. And I have seen many of them advance into professions requiring strong math backgrounds.

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